Discover Stanhope, the home of the Stanhope Weekender Music Festival

Venture to Stanhope, in Weardale, the tranquil and picturesque market town that stands as a beacon of serenity within the Durham Dales. As the proud host of the Stanhope Weekender Music Festival, it beckons visitors with its lush greenery and calming atmosphere.

At the heart of Durham’s stunning landscape, Stanhope serves as an idyllic retreat for relaxation and a hub for invigorating outdoor activities. The River Wear meanders through the town, providing a scenic backdrop perfect for those who delight in nature and wish to engage with the outdoors. The ford at Stanhope is particularly enchanting, offering a playful crossing for ramblers via oversized stepping-stones.

The town’s historical significance is captured by the ancient fossil tree, bearing witness to over 320 million years of history, and the 12th Century St Thomas’ Church, a vestige of Durham’s rich Christian heritage with its Victorian font made from Frosterley marble.

The Weardale Railway, accessible from Stanhope station, transports visitors on a scenic journey through the heart of the Durham Dales, linking to the bustling market towns of Wolsingham and Bishop Auckland.

No visit to Stanhope would be complete without a trip to the Durham Dales Centre. It’s the perfect spot to gather local visitor information, enjoy a delightful repast at the café, and find inspiration for further exploration.

Whether you’re drawn to the vibrant rhythms of the Stanhope Weekender Music Festival or the tranquil allure of the Durham countryside, Stanhope promises a rich tapestry of experiences and memories to cherish.

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Stanhope Showground, Unthank Park, Stanhope, DL13 2PQ

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